Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Teeth cleaning , also known as Scaling, is a very good way of maintaining your oral hygiene and preventing diseases like bad breath, gum problems and cavities. We recommend you to get a full mouth scaling and polishing atleast once in six months.

Scaling is also good for people who are regular smokers or tea and coffee drinkers. Over a period of time, you may notice nicotine stains from cigarettes or coffee or tea stains. A good cleaning would be able to remove all these stains.

Teeth cleaning usually involves passing an ultrasonic machine with a water spray over your teeth to remove plaque film or calculus and tartar deposits. This can take anywhere between half hour to one hour depending on the amount of stains or deposits.

This is usually followed by applying a special polish paste on your teeth and running a polishing brush over them to give them a smooth feel.