Invisalign is the leading pioneer in orthodontic aligner systems around the world. Over 5 million cases are being treated by invisalign currently. The aligner system allows mild, moderate and severe cases to be treated, simply by taking an impression or digital scan of the patients teeth and sending them for fabrication of the aligners. The aligners are usually fabricated in the US and Mexico and are shipped back to us.

The advantages of this type of treatment are:

  • No fixed metal or ceramic braces on the teeth
  • Can be removed while eating
  • Less pain compared to fixed braces
  • Better oral hygiene and less chances of cavities and gum problems
  • Almost invisible to the eye.

Usually the invisalign treatment takes upto 1 year for mild to moderate cases and upto 1 ½ to 2 years for complicated cases. The patient is required to come in every two weeks to receive their next pair of aligners. In case the patient cannot make it for the next appointment, the next pair can be given to them in advance.  Usually the total number of aligners can range between 20 to 40 pairs. The aligners have to be worn throughout the day, except while eating and drinking hot beverages, to work and give you the optimum result.

The Invisalign system is offered as a full unlimited aligners package or a light package of limited aligners for simple cases. The price varies with the package.

After the treatment the patient is required to have Vivera retainers ( looks just like an aligner) usually for 1 year to 5 years, to prevent relapse.

Perfect Smile dental centre, currently offers the Invisalign system at an affordable discounted price. Please get in touch with one of our team members to book a free consultation with our specialist doctors.