Perfect smile dental centre is now equipped with the latest 3D intra oral scanner from 3SHAPE called the TRIOS 3.

This state of the art scanner allows the dentist to take real time three dimensional images of the teeth with an accuracy of upto 0.9 microns of tooth definition.


With this technology the patient doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable with the conventional way of loading sticky impression materials in the mouth for taking the size of the teeth.

Since the scanner is so accurate, the resultant images are so clear, that systems like invisalign can fabricate perfect aligners for the patient, decreasing any errors in the results and prevents any retaking of impressions.

Usually the patients require at least 2 to 3 times of impression taking during orthodontic and crown and bridge procedures, which is very easy with the scanner as the scanning takes less than 5 minutes to scan a full set of teeth without any discomfort or gagging feeling to the patient.